Taiwan, Bleacher Report and Other Updates!

December 30, 2009 in Blogging, On Writing, Travel by pacejmiller

Taipei 101 on a gloomy day (which is most days)

I’m having a blast in Taipei, eating and shopping non-stop, with a bit of time to write in between.  I am starting to get concerned that the eye bags I developed in my last few weeks of work will still be there when I return!

I saw Sherlock Holmes (the movie not the sleuth, which I am yet to review), and I have been diligently recording all my scrumptious meals, each of which I will deliver a post on when I get around to it (hopefully soon)!

I am also looking forward to buying a few new books here to read as they seem to be a lot cheaper than back home (anyone with tips?).

Lastly, a bit of exciting news on other fronts.

First, I have become a reviewer at 7Taven, which is a website that reviews movies, games, amongst other things.  So thanks to the guys there for giving me this opportunity!

Second, my new Pacers Pulse website is going to be launched shortly, with a brand new design, new layout, new desinger banner and new web address!  Stay tuned because even though the Pacers suck, Pacers Pulse is going to rule!  Thanks to the guys at Bloguin for that opportunity.

Lastly, I have become a reviewer at Bleacher Report, and I have put up 2 opinion pieces.  The first is a basketball article (which is what I was asked to write about by the guys who invited me to write there) entitled “How Losing Danny Granger Can Help the Indiana Pacers“.   Hopefully in a few articles I will become a stable writer for the Pacers there.  The second I did off my own initiative and is another opinion article on the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao blood testing feud enitled “Mayweather-Pacquiao: Time to Stop the Bleeding“, which has done surprisingly well, earning me a ‘Hot Read’ medal in less than 12 hours!  Check them out!