Novel Update: Balancing Writing and Work

October 9, 2009 in Blogging, Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

First week back at work has been rough.

A regular day before I recommenced work consisted of getting up in the morning feeling full of energy.  The day would sweep by and leave me wondering where all the time went by the end of it.  Now, things are drastically different.  I get up at 7 in the morning feeling like I need infinitely more sleep.  I’m out the door by 7:30 and don’t get home until 9 (on an average day), and by the time I walk through the door I am exhausted, having utilised by formerly seldom-used brain all day.  To ensure I’m not a zombie the next morning, I make sure I get into bed around 11, leaving only 2 hours of waking, non-work time which I generally spend cleaning stuff, showering and preparing for the next day.

That leaves me with zero time to write during the week, except maybe during some down time at work (like now) where I can squeeze in a quick post.  But working on the (fantasy) novel is virtually impossible, especially since I need a bit of time to get into the proper mood and spirit.  And all this noise around in open plan is always a distraction.

I bumped into a friend this morning who used to be full of vitality before he started in the same profession, and now he’s a shell of who he once was.  Sent me an email after he got to work informing me that he just found out he’d have to work all weekend.  The worst part, he tells me, is that you get so bogged down by it and get so used to it all (from the never-ending grind) that you simply accept that it’s the way things are and you forget that they could be better.  That’s the type of mentality I want to avoid developing.

It’s looking bleak right now but I am confident I’ll manage to find some time somewhere.  If anything, it’ll motivate me to go find a job that doesn’t drain my soul!

[PS: Coincidentally, I just got a newsletter from Ginny Wiehardt’s Blog which has a whole bunch of comments on finding time to write while coping with the other stresses and distractions in life.  Take a look.]