Dude, where’s my blog hits?

September 27, 2009 in Blogging by pacejmiller

My blog stats have fallen asleep

My blog stats have fallen asleep

At about 9 months old, my blog on WordPress.com had been coming along well.  From humble beginnings where 50 hits got me all excited, it’s gotten to a point where it was generating at least 500-600 hits a day.  More recently 700-900.  As high as 1000 even.  Until two days ago, that is.

I was shocked to see that my stats fell dramatically yesterday to around 400.  I’ve had drop offs like that before, but usually only because I had a post that got Stumbled or something and it went up unusually high the previous day.  There had never been a drop of 300+ in a day when the stats were moderately steady.

However, today I was stunned to see things got even worse.  With just a couple of hours before the stat counter rolls over, I’ve only got 173 hits.  That’s the lowest I’ve had since probably April this year, when the blog was still in adolescence.  Is it a genuine drop-off in visits or a problem with the stat meter?

Trawling the WordPress forums, it seems I’m not the only one that’s experiencing this. It’s been said that a lot of things can go wrong in logging a hit, with search engines, servers, programs, systems, etc etc, so hopefully it’s not a permanent downward spiral.  I feared that perhaps this was my real stats and that my old ones were just wrongly inflated, but it appears the WordPress stat meter is one of the more accurate ones out there (not that I have tried anything else).

Anyone else out there having similar problems?