First Impressions: Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’!

September 16, 2009 in Book Reviews by pacejmiller


The Lost Symbol is out!

I’m not going to lie.  I went out and bought Dan Brown’s latest novel ‘The Lost Symbol‘ on the first day of its release today.

There was surprisingly little buzz surrounding the release.  I had expected Harry Potter-esque queues and people dressed up as Robert Langdon rubbing their hands outside bookstores from midnight – but alas, no such scenes were to be seen.  Just stacks of copies piled behind a sign in every book store and retail outlet with no one around them.

Maybe Dan Brown waited too long since ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to release this one and fickle readers have moved on.  Since that infamous book, the market has been saturated with ‘Dan Brown specials’ – books that weave together fact and fiction into high speed thrillers.  Some of them were probably even better written.  My guess is that it’ll still be a colossal bestseller, but just how colossal depends on word-of-mouth and early reviews.

First Impressions

When the book was initially announced for release, I wrote a post pondering what the book would be like and about.  Well, I’m about 4 chapters in and it’s panning out to be a typical Dan Brown book.  My hard-cover version is a solid 509 pages with smaller-than-expected font, and begins with the usual ‘Fact’ page followed by a ‘what the heck was that?’ Prologue.  So far, so good.  I’m not sure if I am imagining this, but has Dan Brown become a better writer in the last few years?

Anyway, check this space for a review of the book.  I suppose if the book is good, you’ll see the review soon, but if there’s a long wait, you’ll know why.  However, unlike those literary snobs who look down at Dan Brown books because they think his writing is beneath them, I’m going to actually read the book before commenting.