Great Place for Free Writing Tips

September 5, 2009 in On Writing by pacejmiller

I was scouring the ‘Internets’ for some fresh writing tips to help me move along in my fantasy novel, which seems to be stuck in the mud a little lately.  I’d write for a couple of hours or churn out a few thousand words, but somehow I’d still be writing the same scene, or even the same bloody conversation!  Arrrgh!  What gives?

Anyway, I came across the website of English-born, Australia-living cult fantasy/sci-fi author Richard Harland, who was benevolent enough to give out all 145 pages of his writing tips, absolutely free!  The best part is that you can download them all in a PDF rather than click on link after link.  It covers a broad spectrum of topics, from establishing good writing habits all the way to getting published.  I didn’t find all of it to be helpful, but a lot of it was.

Mr Harland is giving out free writing tips!

Mr Harland is giving out free writing tips!

For those wondering who he is and what he’s done, they can read it up themselves at his Bio Page here.  It seems he was always a gifted writer that just lacked motivation to finish what he started – but once he did start finishing things, his writing career took off.  Of course, there was a sizable chunk of luck involved, as there usually is.  I can only say I am envious and long for the day where I can write for a living without having to worry about paying the bills.

Oh, and here is his page of links to the websites of other writers of fantasy and speculative fiction in Australia, such as Trudi Canavan and Traci Harding.  Some of them (such as Paul Collins), also provide writing tips.

So thank you, Mr Harland!