Full UK Review, Part V: Writing and Blogging

August 1, 2009 in Blogging, On Writing by pacejmiller

Almost there.  Just a couple of posts left in my full UK round up.

Writing has kept me sane in a year of studying

Writing has kept me sane in a year of studying

Wrote 100,000+ words on novel

I’ve known my fantasy novel for as long as my wife (7 years) but this was the first year where I actually took some action and began writing it seriously – thanks to the abundance of ‘spare’ time I had on my hands in Cambridge.

After purchasing the writing program NewNovelist 2 (review here) a week before arriving in the UK, I spent the first couple of months really fleshing out the plot and the characters, doing all my research and making sure the pieces fit together.  It was fun.

Then the hard stuff began – the first draft.  I really raced through the word count about the second month I got into it, after I finally put aside the urge to commit the cardinal sin of editing while writing.  I still do it sometimes, but the damage is minimal these days.

It was also difficult at times to juggle writing and studying, especially when the workload got heavy.  The last thing you feel like after a long day of reading textbooks and making notes is to try and be creative.  Nevertheless, I worked my way around it, either writing early in the morning as a boost to kick start my day or in the evening, as a reward for completing my readings.

Anyway, I had built up some considerable momentum until about a month before my exams, when I had to put the writing on hold completely.  However, even though the exams have long finished and I have since graduated I still haven’t managed to get back into the swing of things.  Too much travelling, moving, relaxing and blogging.

The word count is still stuck around 100,000 words, long enough for a first novel but I’m probably only about 2/5 of the way through the plot.  Whatever.  I’m just going to finish the draft first and then worry about the rest later.  I know now that writers rarely ever get anything right on the first try.

Wrote 170 blog posts


Can't believe I'm a blogger!

I started this blog in January of 2009 (after my Xmas Vacation) after suggestions from a friend and the desire to develop an outlet and keep the creative juices flowing so I won’t be solely focused on the novel (which can be exhausting).  It was also a good place to keep an online record of my European adventures.

What started off as an innocent hobby soon snowballed and I’ve become a blogger, something I couldn’t even envisage 9 months ago.  I get what the fuss is all about now.  Sometimes you just need to write about something, anything, just to keep the pen moving (or fingers typing).

Blogging has been incredibly rewarding, but it’s also become one of the main obstacles to finishing my novel!  It’s always easier to churn out a blog post than wrack my brain over the novel for a couple of hours.  This blog has really helped me with my writing but it’s also prevented me from it.  Talk about a double-edged sword.