Going to the Bookstore for Some Motivation!

June 7, 2009 in Fantasy, On Writing by pacejmiller


When the smoke from my exams finally cleared, it was time to get back to reading and writing again (after a much needed break to clear my mind, of course).

It had been over a month since I last worked on my fantasy novel, and as excited as I was to recommence work on it, it also felt kind of daunting.  I had to reacquaint myself with the plot, the characters and the fantasy world that I spent so long creating and getting used to.

And even though I had the opportunity to do so this morning, I chickened out.  It was easier just to blog, or to read the news, or play some video games instead.

Anyway, we were meeting some friends in town for lunch, and while waiting, we waltzed into Borders for some light reading to pass the time.  I’m glad we did because I’m totally psyched to get back to work on the novel now!

A bookstore restores a writer’s fire like nothing else.  Just seeing row after row of books lined up like that made me realise how badly I want to finish this novel!  Flicking through some of the books on the stands made me think – ‘if they can do this, then so I can!’  But it was also rather frightening, because picking up a good book could make me think – ‘there’s no way I can ever write anything as good as this!’  Seeing the isles of published novels also made me think – ‘so many people have already been published, surely it can’t be that hard’.  But at the same time I thought – ‘this is nothing compared to the number of aspiring writers out there, it must be impossible to get published!’  And so there I was like a true idiot, switching rapidly between optimism and pessimism.  Fortunately, I left with the former firmly etched into my mind.

Starting tomorrow!