Update: novel, blogging and exams

May 25, 2009 in Blogging, Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

Well, the time has come.  Exam time.

For the next couple of weeks, blogging is going to be a luxury.  Unless something is REALLY worthy of discussion and if I have spare time (which is going to be virtually impossible), I’m going to try and leave this blog alone…

As for my fantasy novel?  Nothing has happened on it (not a single word) since I began revising for my exams about 3 weeks ago.  It’s been on my mind and I’d love to work on it, but the last thing I want to do after a full day of bashing my brain in with textbooks is to work on the novel.  It’s almost guaranteed to make me write crap that I will surely delete.  Besides, it will probably make me too creative to be in a frame of mind to study.

I look forward to when the exams are finally out of the way, so I can get back to the novel.  It’s about 100,000 words still, and roughly around the halfway mark in terms of plot progression, but I’ve already thought of so many things I want to change and add to and delete from it.  Can’t wait.

But until then, have to focus!