Mayweather Sr tells Ricky Hatton to retire!

May 3, 2009 in Boxing by pacejmiller

Just hours after Ricky Hatton’s devastating defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, Hatton’s trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr has advised his boxer to retire for good.

Floyd Mayweather Sr says Hatton should retire

Floyd Mayweather Sr says Hatton should retire

According to the Associated Press, Mayweather Sr said: “I would suggest he retire.  At the end of the day, it’s his decision.  He tried twice.  He failed twice.  He lost to my son and to lose to someone below that, it’s time to leave the ring.  He made a good profit.  Sometimes you have to go when your prime is still there.” (emphasis added)

Mmm…great way to rub salt into your boxer’s wounds right after he just took the beating of a lifetime, Floyd Sr.  Notice how he also managed to slip in some praise to his own son, Floyd Jr, while simultaneously suggesting that Pacquiao is inferior.  In saying all of this, Mayweather Sr has somehow managed to avoid taking any responsibility for the brutal loss.  Despite claiming to have transformed the fighter, Hatton appeared to be no more than target practice for Pacquiao.  There was very little blocking with the gloves and virtually none of the head movement that was talked about.  How much blame should Mayweather Sr cop for Hatton’s sluggish performance?

Of course, keeping a low profile after the fight might be in Mayweather Sr’s best interests.  He was, after all, the cockiest out of everyone before the fight, churning out the ridiculous raps and poems that were at least good for a laugh, ridiculing Pacquiao’s speed advantage and belittling (Pacquiao’s trainer) Freddie Roach’s credentials as a trainer.  There were also rumors floating around before the fight that Hatton was “miserable” with Mayweather Sr and dissatisfied with his perpetual tardiness to training.  But instead of shouldering some of the responsibility and giving credit where it was due, Floyd Mayweather Sr simply said , “That’s boxing,” before adding, “I really thought Ricky would get him. I don’t want to say any more than that.”

It was good to see Freddie Roach showing a bit more class in deciding against gloating to Floyd Sr, instead allowing the victory to speak for itself.

In the end, whether Ricky Hatton fights on or not will be no one’s decision but his own.  As his father Ray Hatton said, his family will support whatever decision Ricky makes: “Obviously, we will support him in whatever he does and we’ll leave that with him.  At this moment in time, he’s probably got a few mixed feelings about it.  He’ll make that decision whichever way he wants to and the family will support him.”

However, if Hatton does decide to continue his boxing career, I think it is a safe bet we won’t see Floyd Mayweather Sr in his corner again.


I found some more interesting pieces of information about Floyd Mayweather Sr today.

Apparently, Mayweather Sr was less than happy with Hatton and blasted him for his performance (I guess for making him ‘look bad’).  He had the following to say:

“He should have kept his head down. That was the match. Defense. It’s what I was preaching and preaching and preaching about. The defense I was telling him to do. Throw punches and keep your head back.

“Pacman just put him down. My instructions were to use the fade. Sometimes the fade can lure you into something. He didn’t use the fade. Straight forward. He just went back to his old days.

“Now he has got to accept what happened.”

According to Steven Kim from Maxboxing, Mayweather Sr’s behaviour after the fight was inexcusable.  “What I found very interesting – and disturbing to be honest with you,” wrote Kim, “was that after the fight as I moved my way along press row to the aisle where the fighters make their way back to the dressing rooms, while Hatton groggily walked to the bowels of the arena, he was not accompanied by Mayweather Sr.

“In fact, Mayweather Sr wouldn’t make his way for another 10 minutes or so.  And as he did, he was taking pictures, signing autographs and smiling the whole way as if he didn’t have a care in the world.  Is this the way someone should conduct themselves after their fighter was savagely knocked out?  And no matter what he says, he was in that corner and was in fact was introduced by Michael Buffer, in a first.  You have have had disagreements with Hatton and his team in the lead-up to that fight, but doesn’t he deserve more respect than that?

“If he was so willing to accept all the plaudits for his fighter’s victory and then call out Freddie ‘the Joke Coach’ Roach (as he calls him), then shouldn’t he be willing to accept at least some accountability for what took place Saturday night?  I happen to get along with Floyd Sr, but in this instance he was completely out of line.  As they say, when you point fingers, three of them come right back at you.”

Kim also found it “unsettling” how Mayweather Sr had no problems in being tardy for his training sessions with Hatton, and this was while the cameras were rolling for HBO’s 24/7 series.  One can only imagine what things were like when the cameras were off.

Perhaps most telling about the entire Mayweather Sr saga are reports that Oscar De La Hoya was furious with the results of the fight and “had some harsh words for Mayweather Sr afterwards in the dressing room.”]