Former Judge Einfeld making himself comfortable in Prison

March 28, 2009 in Social/Political Commentary by pacejmiller

I just read another news report about disgraced former judge Marcus Einfeld, who just spent his first week in prison for perjury.  He has a 2-year non-parole period.

It seems his former honour is making himself comfortable in jail, having been placed in a ‘better’ part of the prison facility and has a TV in his cell.  He has also asked for a psychologist, a masseuse, and for his cell door to be kept open at night because it gets a little hot – all in the first few days of his stay.

Was it a good idea to ask for all these privileges in his first week?  Could he be brewing a secret plan to get himself transferred to a different facility or weasel out of his sentence altogether using physical or mental health as the excuse?  It certainly does not assist in Einfeld’s (proclaimed) effort to redeem himself, his image and reputation in the eyes of the public.  On the other hand, perhaps he is simply asking for things he knows he is perfectly entitled to ask for.  Who wouldn’t if they were in his position?

In any event, it seems all eyes will be on Einfeld’s every move for at least a little while longer.