Novel progress: going well, could be better

February 5, 2009 in Fantasy, Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

Latest progress

Thanks to another week of daily writing (with the exception of Tuesday, when I only did a couple of lines), my fantasy novel has finally moved out of what I consider the ‘preliminary’ stage.  The protagonist has been through a rough couple of days- thrown into an unexpected battle, faced death more than a few times, and has now met the antagonist.  It’s finally time to begin the grand chase that will constitute the centerpiece of the story.

However, for whatever reason, I’m starting to feel a little flat.  Maybe I’m not skillful enough with my words yet, but I’m struggling to get things moving along lately.  Perhaps it’s because I still can’t keep myself from editing while writing (argh!).  I won’t stop trying though.

Word count

The great news is that I’ve finally pierced the 50,000 word ceiling!  Next target is 75,000.  Hopefully I can reach that target within the next couple of weeks. 

I suppose word count is not really something that’s bothering me at the moment.  The concern is really with the progression of the plot.  Fingers crossed that by 75,000 words things have moved a lot quicker than they did in the first 50,000.

A trilogy, perhaps?

I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but I don’t see a problem with dreaming. 

As my novel gets longer and longer, I’ve started wondering whether one book will be appropriate to tell the whole story.  Maybe I need 2 books, or even 3 (it will even allow me to save that prologue I was planning on canning earlier).  After all, most fantasy series come in at least 3 books these days. 

The problem is trying to figure out where to break the novel up.  The way it is structured now will pose some difficulties…Anyway, I’m thinking waaay too far ahead.  Finish the novel first, you idiot, then cut it up whichever way you want!! (I feel like going Christian Bale on myself)