Will the Pacers ever get rid of Jamaal Tinsley?

February 4, 2009 in Basketball, Indiana Pacers, NBA by pacejmiller

How can the Pacers ever get rid of Tinsley?

How can the Pacers ever get rid of Tinsley?

The Jamaal Tinsley situation in Indiana had been seemingly dorment for the last few months.  The Pacers continue to say they are doing everything they can to move him, but with the 19 February trade deadline fast approaching, things aren’t looking too bright.

According to ESPN.com, the NBA is preparing to file a grievance on behalf of Tinsley against the Indiana Pacers.  This may eventually lead to an arbitrator ruling requiring the Pacers to buy him out of his contract or waive him.

This is the worst possible situation for both Tinsley (who apparently just wants to play) and the Pacers, who have really no one else to blame but themselves for destroying any trade value that Tinsley may have once had.  For years Indiana has been publicly criticising Tinsley for his inconsistency, lack of focus and leadership on the court and poor off-court conduct.  Plus everyone knows he is injury prone, having played more than 42 games just once in the last 5 seasons.

Look, it’s fair enough that they want to move Tinsley for whatever reason.  But why make him virtually untradeable by first publicly bashing him and then banning him from the team and making it so unequivocally clear that they want to get rid of him even before the start of the season?  If other teams know that Tinsley is useless to the Pacers, what incentive to they have to give something valuable in return?

I can only think back to the 2001 draft when Indiana acquired Tinsley by trading for Atlanta’s 27th pick.  Only if they got Tony Parker (who was picked 28th) instead.