American Psycho: Christian Bale (Batman) loses it on set!

February 4, 2009 in Entertainment by pacejmiller

The Internets have been abuzz with Batman star Christian Bale’s insane flip-out on the set of Terminator Salvation (where Bale plays the grown-up John Connor).  When some guy (turns out it was Shane Hurlbut, the Director of Photography) walked onto the set in the middle of a scene (and apparently not for the first time), Bale absolutely unloads on him like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (still my favourite Bale character by far).

Listen to the clip above.  I feel I should insert some kind of parental advisory warning here – I lost count of the number of F-bombs Bale dropped on the dude about 30 seconds into the clip.

I don’t know whether this is real or not – maybe it’s another one of those staged skits (like Michael Cera for Knocked Up), but it seems pretty genuine and there’s nothing so far to suggest it’s fake.  I’ve never been on the set of a movie before, especially one as reportedly tense as this film.  Hence I don’t know what type of basic industry rules they have about the behaviour of technical staff on sets.  I also can’t imagine the fatigue and stress actors endure during these long, endless shoots where they need to remain focused all the time.  But does that excuse what happened here?  Or did the guy get what he deserved?

NB: Christian Bale is actually a Welsh-born British actor…but he’s still a psycho.

[Update: having looked into this a bit further, it seems that the incident occurred in July 2008 but the clip did not surface until recently.  People have now done remixes of the rant on Youtube.  Whoopi Goldberg defended Bale on her talk show The View, and so did Terry Crews (a former co-star).  The filming of Terminator Salvation has since wrapped and no one was fired.  Sources say Bale and Hurlbut have made up.  Maybe he was just having a bad day.]