Awesome Nadal quotes from Aussie Open Final

February 2, 2009 in Tennis by pacejmiller

Rafael Nadal is the King of the Court and post-match interviews

Rafael Nadal is the King of the Court and post-match interviews

Rafael Nadal proved unequivocally in his 5-set epic over Roger Federer Australian Open Final yesterday that he is the true King of tennis right now (and probably will be for some time to come).

However, he has put so much effort into his tennis that his English doesn’t seem to have improved despite being on tour for almost 6 years now.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the guy – his tenacity on the court is unparalleled and he is one of the most gracious and humble champions ever.  And who cannot love the wedgie pull?  But every time I read a post-match interview I can’t help but laugh.  These days, whenever I talk about tennis I subconsciously start using ‘no?’ at the end of my sentences.  It’s awesome.

Here are some Nadal interview highlights from after the match (courtesy of the official Australian Open website):

Q. Number six Grand Slam. How special is that one for you?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, very special, no, for me. Is a dream win here, one Grand Slam on hard court. I worked very hard the last ‑‑ well, all my life for improve the tennis outside courts, well, outside of clay.

Very happy, no? Very happy for the title. Today was really lot of emotions on court. I was there with the best player I ever saw, like is Roger.

My uncle always told me Rod Laver was the best because he win two times the Grand Slam, the whole Grand Slam, the four in a row, and for like six or seven years he didn’t play. So for that reason he can be.

Everything was very special. Sorry was tough moment for Rog today. I know how tough must be there in important situation from him. But, you know, no, he’s a great champion. He’s the best. And he’s, for sure, very important person for our sport, no?

So sorry for him, but at the same time congratulate him for everything.

*  *  *

Q. Is there an explanation for the second serve where you seemed to have a little trouble?

RAFAEL NADAL: Trouble? For what reason?

Q. It’s softer maybe than usual.


Q. Some double‑faults.

RAFAEL NADAL: Double‑faults? How many?

*  *  *

Q. How does this compare to the first Roland Garros and Wimbledon?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, is different, no? Maybe, well, is the first Grand Slam on hard, so that makes very special. But at the same time, I didn’t have time yet for enjoy the title because I am too tired, no? I went to the locker room and I was dizzy.

So was very happy, but the same time tough, no?

*  *  *

Q. You proved yourself as a true king.

RAFAEL NADAL: Oh, no, no. Well, the true, no. I don’t know. I just win for sure an important title for my careera. But I no better five hours before than now, no? That’s the true, no?

When you win an important match, but you have to know before the match who you are and after the match you have to know who you are, too. You are the same, no?

*  *  *

Strangely, all of that makes sense to me.  Shows you don’t need to have great English to get your point across.  Keep it up Rafa – you are the undisputed King of tennis AND post-match interviews (though Roddick is pretty funny too).

PS: I’m still somewhat annoyed at the media’s portrayal of the Final.  Today, everywhere I look, all I can see on front pages of newspapers are pictures of a weeping Roger Federer.  That’s just terrible.  Not even a single picture of the champion.  That would make both of them feel awful and is just a total disservice to the great game they played yesterday.