And there you have it – Pacers back to 14th

February 1, 2009 in Basketball, Indiana Pacers, NBA by pacejmiller

TJ Ford scores a career-high 36, but Pacers lose

TJ Ford scores a career-high 36, but Pacers lose

Not going to dwell too much on the Indiana Pacers’ humiliating 122-133 defeat at the hands of the New York Knicks today.  It is disappointing because after finally building up a bit of momentum, here they go again.  If it was to any of the elite teams, forget about it.  But this was to the Knicks (who’ve been playing well, but they’re still the Knicks).  At home.

Just one loss, and they’ve gone from 12th to 14th again.

Aren’t the Knicks supposed to be the laughing stock of the NBA?  Don’t they have a crappy record?  But hang on – at 21-25, they’ve got a much better record than the Pacers’ 20-29 (at least in the loss column).  Don’t they have a point guard they’re paying millions to but isn’t playing for the team?  Hang on, the Pacers have one of those too (Jamaal Tinsley). 

The Pacers just need to suck it up (like they’ve done 29 times this season) and move on.  Next up: Minnesota.