Writing progress

January 22, 2009 in Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

bushI know, my last few posts have been all about basketball, but I have been working on my fantasy novel as well.

The start of the new term has been pretty tough.  I’m still trying to get rid of this annoying cough I’ve had for the last 10 days (the longest I’ve ever had a cough for), and I’ve been desperately trying to make a dent in the astronomical amount of readings I have to get through (there’s so much it’s just absurd).

However, I have started to get into a habit of writing a little bit every day (thank goodness – it was about time).  I start off with 5 minutes in mind, and it usually turns into at least half an hour or more.  So I’m making progress and keeping the creative mind sharp.  I won’t have class the next few days, so I’m going to split my time between reading and writing – I intend to make some serious advancements in the story.  The target I’ve set for myself is 10,000 words a week.  It’s the only way I’ll have a chance of finishing the novel.

PS: I’ve also been preparing a couple of other posts about other stuff that have interested me lately.  Hopefully I can find the time to finish them off.