Pacers lose at the buzzer, ‘winning streak’ snapped

January 20, 2009 in Indiana Pacers by pacejmiller

It’s been a while and I cannot resist another Pacers post.  They lost on the road to the New Orleans Hornets today, 103-100, snapping their season-high 2-game winning steak.  That is, if you can call winning 2 games in a row a streak.

This one, like their previous loss to the Hornets (105-103 in Indiana), went down to the wire.  When Danny Granger hit a tough fallaway 3-pointer to tie it at 100 with 2.5 seconds left, the game seemed destined to go into overtime.  Then, as great superstars do, Chris Paul came out and hit a tough fadeway 3 of his own, right at the buzzer.  Game.  Set.  Match.  Heartbreak again for the Pacers.

After the game, Chris Paul says that the Pacers are a great team and he does not care what their record says.  That must be at least the third time I’ve read an opposing player say that about the Pacers after a game.  Still, respect from opponents don’t translate to anything in the win column.

No one expects Indiana to beat a team like New Orleans on the road, so the loss was expected.  But the way they continue to lose these games can be very dishearterning.  The Pacers dropped to 15-26 with the loss, and things don’t get better.  They play the Spurs in San Antonio tomorrow.

PS: thought it would be a good time to post my first video.