Novel progress

January 13, 2009 in Fantasy, Novel, On Writing by pacejmiller

(drum roll)

The progress on my fantasy novel over the last couple of days has been…NOTHING!  Not one word.  Sad.

frustrationMost of the blame can be attributed to this blog, which I am getting addicted to.  The blog and study have been my novel’s two worst enemies.  It would indeed be ironic if this blog (which I started to help with my writing) and study (which I undertook, in part, to give me more time to write), became the reasons why my novel never gets finished.  Shudder.

However, tomorrow is the start of the new term, and things should settle back into the old routine.  I had been fanatically adding content to this blog because I got impatient looking at how bare it is, but from now on updates will be a little more reasonable.  And I’ll try to focus more on writing in my posts from now on.  Promise.